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Normalmente / Dec 17, 2023

Actualizado: 24 jun

Normalmente is a sample of the recent work of two artists who assume the creation from different optics. The objective is to propose an attentive look at two creative processes that put the focus on basic elements of the current information age and without transcendental pretensions a priori.

Richard Somonte is inserted in the tradition of Western Painting. He assumes that practice without neglecting the purely material and pictorial; neither the complex processing of images and cultural references that today overwhelm any human being, from the virtual spaces of social networks, media, advertising, and politics.

Julio Llopiz-Casal makes an art attached to everyday objects and conceptualism. He is especially concerned with understanding Memory, and its voids, as spaces of resistance and freedom. He takes advantage of the natural obsolescence of information storage media to make installations, with old floppy disks or video tapes. He also expresses a peculiar taste for the common places of the collective imaginary, which is manifested in the use, for example, of flowers or empty bottles to make his works.

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